Hi, I am Kartik

I am Freelance 3D Artist / Visualizer and Motion Designer.
Explore and Look at some of my works


Tv Show Opener

Self Initiated IPL Promo TV Opener


IPL TV Opener

Q Feed is an iOS app Idea which let users to ask questions and get instant feedback 
from large community. Your question can be really simple or  tricky one. 

Just send it and"Q Feeders" will reply. You will have many answers to choose from. 
Word limit will be 70 words. So going through them is intuitive and fast.
This also gives an added advantage of being anonymous and ask questions to the world. Questions 
and Answers can be filter in three different category: YOUR CITY, YOUR COUNTRY, WORLD.
This will help you to filter out questions and answers easily and also get a good 
idea about what people think about your question in different regions.
I am still working on the idea and refining it to make it a functional app.


Q Feed UI Design

I did this work as a personal project. To work on the lighting and to create a intro video.
I did not model this product or designed it. Only the lighting and final compositing is done by me.


Iphone 5 Visualisation

This short film is about a packages journey from a father to his son. It was made by to great artists from India Kartik Dutta and Anirudha Hanamantache. This project took us 8 months in production
and 2 months of preproduction. We both shared the work and did all the work 50/50. 

It has been shown in many film festivals in India and around the world. We have received a good response from everyone who saw this film. We hope you also will like it. So go ahead and play it.


Yatra - 3D Animated Film


Showreel 2013